RADISYS 31412-003

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Part Number 31412-003
Manufacturer RADISYS
Category Single Board Computers
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Radisys 31412-003 CPU Board. SCSI | Video | Ethernet

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Form Factor PICMG
13.28" (337.3 mm) x 4.80" (121.9 mm), PICMG compliant
System Chipset Intel 82371EB
Intel 82371EB, Intel 82443BX
Addressing Real and protected mode supported; Real address mode: 20-bit. Protected address mode: 16-bit on ISA bus, 32-bit on PCI local bus
Battery CR2032 Lithium (Li/MnO2)
Board Size Full Size
Bus Interface AT Bus (98-Pin) fully buffered (8.33 or 11 MHz). PCI Bus (120-Pin) fully buffered (33 MHz)
Cache 256 KB integrated Level 2 write-back cache operating at full clock speed
Chipset Intel 440BX AGPset
Clock/Calendar Embedded Real-Time Clock accurate to +/- 12 minutes/year, at 25° C; includes 256 bytes of CMOS in NVRAM
CPU Embedded Socket
Intel Pentium III processor: 500 MHz and higher. BGA2 package
Data Path 64-bit on-board processor bus at 66 or 100MHz, 32-bit on-board PCI bus at 33 MHz
Ethernet (Optional) Intel 82559 10/100 Mb/sec Ethernet LAN Controller. RJ-45 10/100 Base-T Ethernet connector on the I/O bracket. Ethernet activity LEDs on the I/O bracket.
Flash Memory 4 Mb (512 Kb x 8)
LAN (Ethernet) Chipset Intel 82559
Memory Two (2) 168-pin sockets organized in two (2) banks, supporting: Up to 512 MB (or higher as technology becomes available), 2/4/8/16/32 x 72, PC100 DIMMs, +3.3 V unbuffered SDRAM, Parity/ECC or Non-Parity, Single bit error correction, double bit detection (ECC mode only)
optional Features Ultra2 single-channel SCSI, AGP video, 10/100BaseT Ethernet
Processor Intel Pentium III
SCSI (Optional) Adaptec AIC-7890 PCI Bus Master Ultra2 SCSI Host Adapter chip. Adaptec AIC-3860 LVD-to-SE transceiver. Ultra2 Low Voltage Differential (LVD) 68-pin D-Sub latching header on the board surface. Wide Ultra Single-Ended (SE) 68-pin D-Sub latching header on the board surface. Dallas DS2118M or Unitrode UCC5630 Ultra2 LVD/SE SCSI terminators. Dallas DS2109 and DS21S07AS SE SCSI terminators.
Standards PICMG
Video (Display) Chipset C&T 69000
Video (Optional) CHIPS 69000 HiQVideo Accelerator with 2 MB integrated SDRAM. AGP bus interface. 15-pin female D-Sub connector on the I/O bracket


  • 4 Mb (512 K x 8) boot block flash memory device
  • Altera MAX EMP7128S programmable logic device (for on-board logic)
  • CR2032 lithium (Li/MnO2) coin battery to retain date, time, and CMOS parameters
  • Dallas DS1232 MicroMonitor
  • Floppy disk drive 34-pin male shrouded, latching header on the board surface
  • Four (4) position DIP switch block for elements of system configuration
  • Hitachi H8/3437 system monitoring microcontroller with I2C bus interface
  • IDE / SCSI activity LED 2-pin male header on the board surface
  • Integrated Circuit Systems ICS9148CF-20 clock synthesizer
  • Integrated Circuit Systems ICS9179BF-01 SDRAM clock buffer
  • Intel 440BX AGPset
  • Intel Pentium III processor in the BGA2 package
  • Keyboard / speaker / reset 8-pin male shrouded header on the board surface
  • Maxim MAX1617 Remote/Local Temperature Sensor with SMBus serial interface
  • Maxim MAX3185 230 kbps ESD-protected RS-232 serial port
  • Parallel port 26-pin male shrouded, latching header on the board surface (AT-compatible / bi-directional / enhanced operations)
  • PS/2 keyboard / mouse 6-pin female mini-DIN connector on the I/O bracket
  • SMsC FDC37B787 Super I/O Controller with ACPI support
  • System management bus 4-pin male shrouded, keyed header on the board surface
  • System management power 2-pin male header on the board surface
  • Two (2) 168-pin DIMM sockets for up to 512 MB PC100 +3.3 V unbuffered SDRAM (or higher as technology becomes available)
  • Two (2) EIDE or IDE 40-pin male shrouded, latching headers on the board surface
  • Two (2) serial port 10-pin male shrouded, latching headers on the board surface (one RS-232 only; one RS-232 or RS-422)
  • Two (2) USB 4-pin male shrouded, keyed headers on the board surface


Download "RADISYS-PB3000BX-datasheet.pdf" (137 KiB)

Extracted Text

8 EPC-2321 SBC (PB3000BX) Quick Reference Card This card provides information to help you quickly configure, install, and operate your single-board computer. Keep this card in a convenient location for future use. See the service manual for more detailed information. EIDE Parallel 2 40 2 26 Switches 139 1 25 PS/2 Keyboard / Mouse 1-1 1-2 1-3 1-4 Serial FDD Pin Description 2 34 2 10 Open (Off) SCSI 35 68 1MouseData 2 Keyboard Data Closed (On) 1 34 3 Ground 1 9 1 33 4+5V Board Surface 5MouseClock 6 Keyboard Clock DIMM 2 = Bank 1 DIMM 1 = Bank 0 VGA 6 1 11 Pentium III Processor with Heatsink Dual PS/2 5 15 Keyboard / Mouse 10 3 5 1 Ethernet 2 8 6 4 1 Activity Link Integrity Battery SM Bus IDE/SCSI Activity LED 4 1 Keyboard USB SM Power Reset JP2 Ground Not Connected 1 4 JP6 Keyboard Clock JP7 Keyboard Data 1 Keyboard Lock JP8 +5 V Out Speaker This illustration shows all optional on-board peripherals installed. 007-01223-0001 © RadiSys Corporation May 2001 All Rights Reserved Specifications subject to change without notice Printed in USA LVD SE Port 0 Port 1 Primary Secondary Port 1 Port 2   Setup Utility (continued) Technical and Product Support Jumper Settings Setup Item Default Setting Accessing the Web Site Parallel Port Bi-Directional, 378, IRQ7 JP2 JP6 JP7 JP8 Serial 2 Configuration In-depth printable service manuals and other documentation are available for download from the RadiSys Web site: Floppy Disk Base I/O Address Primary None 1–2 None None RS-232 (default) Local Bus IDE Adapter Both http://www.radisys.com 1–2 None 1–2 1–2 RS-422 ECC Config EC Then click on Support to access a link to the documentation, drivers, and BIOS. Documentation is available at this Web site in Enable Memory Gap Disabled Switch Settings ® ® Adobe Acrobat .PDF format and may be viewed and printed ® ™ DMA Aliasing Enabled using Acrobat Reader software. BIOS files are available as self- SW1-1 Not Used extracting disk image files. Links are provided to various partners’ 16-Bit I/O Recovery 4.5 web sites where any files and tools needed to install drivers are SW1-2 On-Board ROM Access 8-Bit I/O Recovery 4.5 available for download. Open/Off Flash Memory enabled (default) Watchdog Timer Status Disabled Calling Technical Support Watchdog Timer Delay 1.2 sec Closed/On Crisis Recovery Mode enabled RadiSys Corporation provides technical support Monday–Friday, ISA Bus GAT Disabled 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Central Time in the continental USA and SW1-3 CMOS RAM 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m. in Europe. PCI Delayed Transactions Enabled Open/Off Normal operation (default) To expedite your request, have the RadiSys product model and Thermal Duty Cycle 37.5% serial number available. Then call one of the following numbers: Closed/On Factory default values are loaded PCI IRQ Line 1–4 Auto Select (all IRQ lines) • Inside the continental USA, dial 1-800-627-8700. SW1-4 Configuration Ports USB IRQ Enable Yes Outside the continental USA, dial 1-713-541-8200 (add long distance/international codes). Open/Off Map ports to I/O address 270–273 (default) Latency Timer Auto In Europe, dial +31-36-5365595. Cache Line Size Auto Closed/On Map ports to I/O address 370–373 Inspection of Contents / Packaging of Product ISA Graphic Device Installed No The packaging for this product has been tested to assure that it will PCI/PNP ISA UMB Region Exclusion Available (All regions) Setup Utility withstand responsible handling by the carrier. PCI/PNP ISA IRQ Resource Exclusion Available (All IRQ’s) Caution: Inspect contents immediately and file a claim with the Note: This table lists all optional on-board peripherals installed. Embedded AGP VGA Enabled carrier for any damage. Save the shipping box and packaging material to use for any further shipment of this equipment. Setup Item Default Setting Embedded Ethernet Disabled However, if the packaging is damaged and is not suitable for System Time Current (Hours, Minutes, Seconds) Embedded Adaptec SCSI Adapter Disabled shipment, call RadiSys Technical Support to obtain new packaging. System Date Current (Month, Day, Year) PS/2 Mouse Auto Detect The warranty may be void if the product is returned using unapproved or damaged original packaging. Legacy Diskette A 1.44/1.25 MB 3½” On-board Speaker Enabled Returning Your Product Legacy Diskette B Disabled CPU BIOS Update Enabled A Returned Material Authorization (RMA) number must be written IDE Adapter Type Auto (all 4 possible drives) Plug & Play O/S No on the outside of the shipping carton of all equipment returned to Memory Cache Enabled Secured Setup Configuration Yes RadiSys for service and/or repair. It is recommended that any Cache System BIOS Area Write Protect Reset Configuration Data No correspondence included with the carton contents also refer to the RMA number. Cache Video BIOS Area Write Protect Large Disk Access Mode DOS Note: The factory will refuse the shipment if it is sent freight collect Cache Base 0–512 KB Write Back Password on Boot Disabled or if it does not display an RMA number. Cache Base 512–640 KB Write Back Fixed Disk Boot Sector Normal Quick Start Cache Extended Memory Area Write Back Diskette Access Supervisor To begin operating your EPC-2321 single-board computer, perform Cache C800–EFFF Disabled (all regions) Virus Check Reminder Disabled the following: Boot Summary Screen Enabled System Backup Reminder Disabled 1. Ensure that all jumper settings match your requirements Floppy Check Disabled Power Savings Disabled 2. Ensure that all switch settings match your requirements. Quiet Boot Screen Enabled Standby Timeout Off 3. Install the SBC onto a passive backplane in a chassis. 4. Attach all necessary peripheral devices to the appropriate POST Errors Enabled Auto Suspend Timeout Off headers and connectors on the SBC. Hard Disk Pre-Delay 3 sec. Hard Disk Timeout Disabled 5. Power-on the system. Keyboard Numlock Auto Video Timeout Disabled 6. Run the Setup Utility if you need to change any settings to match your requirements. Key Click Disabled Resume on Modem Ring Off Note: See the table “Setup Utility” for factory default settings.. Keyboard Auto-Repeat Rate 30/sec Resume on Time Off To avoid damage or injury, always exercise the following Keyboard Auto-Repeat Delay 1/2 sec Resume Time 00:00:00 (24-hour format) precautions when handling the equipment: Serial Port A 3F8/IRQ4 Use a grounding wrist strap or other static-dissipating device Console Redirect Port Disabled Power-off the system � Serial Port B 2F8/IRQ3 Console Redirect Baud Rate 9600 Disconnect all power cords

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