Who is Industrial Trading?

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Industrial Trading is a website of GID Industrial, the world's premiere source for the sale and servicing of single board computers and related equipment.

GID protects you from the pitfalls of trading in the gray market through its specialized procurement techniques and commitment to quality as documented in its ISO 9001:2015-certified Quality Management System.

Should you experience any trouble at all, our team is ready to help however we can in order to solve the issue until you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Why do I have to request a quote?

Our business model relies on two-way communication in order for us to find the parts you need at a price and lead time that work for you. We believe best way to facilitate this is to start off with a quote request.

Rest assured that when you request a quote, your information is secure. Additionally, we do not send spam emails.

Where do the parts come from?

We utilize a global network of suppliers and sources to procure parts for you, and we perform extensive research to ensure that we're protecting you and your interests at every turn.

For some parts, particularly those which are older or obsolete, brand new unused units may not be available. In this situation, we locate the best used or refurbished units we can. For single board computers and a few other product categories, we can perform rework that often results in the units having greater longevity than they did when they came off the original assembly line!

What is your Privacy Policy?

Your privacy is important to us, as explained in our Privacy Policy.

Industrial Trading is a GID Industrial website.
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