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AMC-3202 Radisys AMC-3202 Promentum System Component. SAS hard disk AdvancedMC RADISYS Request Quote
ATCA-1000 Radisys ATCA-1000 Promentum System Component. Universal PMC Module, ?exibility of PMCs in different con?gurations with m... RADISYS Request Quote
ATCA-2100 Radisys ATCA-2100 Promentum System Component. Switch/control module, GbE and Fibre Channel switch fabric for control, se... RADISYS Request Quote
ATCA-2200 Radisys ATCA-2200 Promentum System Component. Switch and Control Module with 10 GbE fabric capability RADISYS Request Quote
ATCA-3000 Radisys ATCA-3000 Promentum System Component. Disk Storage Module, high performance Fibre Channel storage RADISYS Request Quote
ATCA-3100 Radisys ATCA-3100 Promentum System Component. Disk Storage Module RADISYS Request Quote
ATCA-4000 Radisys ATCA-4000 Promentum System Component. Compute Processing Module, high performance through dual Intel Xeon CPUs RADISYS Request Quote
ATCA-4300 Radisys ATCA-4300 Promentum System Component. Compute Processing Module with single or dual Intel Sossoman processors RADISYS Request Quote
ATCA-6000 Radisys ATCA-6000 Promentum System Component. 12 chassis, industry-leading density enabling three chassis in a standard... RADISYS Request Quote
ATCA-7010 Radisys ATCA-7010 Promentum System Component. 10 Gbps Packet Processing Module RADISYS Request Quote
ATCA-7400 Radisys ATCA-7400 Promentum System Component. STM-1/OC-3 line card consisting of an AdvancedMC carrier card and four por... RADISYS Request Quote
ATCA-7800 Radisys ATCA-7800 Promentum System Component. Asymmetric multiprocessing line card consisting of an AdvancedMC carrier c... RADISYS Request Quote
SYS-6010 Radisys SYS-6010 highly configurable, application-ready platform for such next generation applications as RNC/BSC, media... RADISYS Request Quote
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