EBS 1563PD-I1


Compact Embedded System - Multifunctional All-in-One Embedded System


Part Number EBS 1563PD-I1
Manufacturer NEXCOM
Category Systems
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T E S Product Specification Embedded Network Platform Model Name EBC 563 EBC563LP6 EBC 569 EBC569LP6 EBC 363 Order Information 203 x146mm 203x143mm PCB Size 143x102mm Fits Your Innovation VIA C3 EBGA VIA Eden VIA C3 EBGA VIA C3 EBGA VIA Eden CPU Type EBC EBC EBC EBC EBK EBK 60W AC 60W Open EBK Media Slim DVD- Slim CD-ROM Slim FDD- 800MHz+ 667MHz 800MHz+ 667MHz 800MHz+ Model Name Chassis EBK PCI 1 Slim CD-ROM Slim FDD CPU Level 363 M/B 569 M/B 563R M/B 563I M/B DC512 DC512 PC Adaptor Frame Power 1 ROM DB DB EBS 1363 V V V V Chipset VIA 8601A VIA 8606A VIA 8606A EBS 1563-563R V V V V 100/133MHz 100/133MHz CPU FSB 100/133MHz EBS 1563-563I V V V V EBS 1563P-563R V V V V V 512MB 512MB 512MB Max. Memory EBS 1563P-563I V V V V V (DIMM x1) (DIMM x1) (DIMM x1) EBS 1563PC-563R V V V V V V V VGA EBS 1563PC-563I V V V V V V V VIA PLE133(2/4/8MB) VIA 8606(8/16/32MB) VIA 8606(8/16/32MB) (VGA Memory) EBS 1563PD-563R V V V V V V V LCD Interface EBS 1563PD-563I V V V V V V V Yes[18 bit] Yes[36 bit] Yes[36 bit] (TTL LCD) EBS 1563PF-563R V V V V V Optional V EBS 1563PF-563I V V V V V Optional V LCD Interface Yes[2 channel] Yes[1 channel] NO EBS 1569 V V V V V V (LVDS LCD) EBS 1569CF V V V V V V V V LCD Interface EBS 1569DF V V V V V V V V EBK Media 1 EBK VGA2 NO (TMDS LCD) EBS 1569F V V V V V V V EBS 1569C V V V V V V V (Intel 82559 or RTL8139C/C+ x3 RTL8139C/C+ Ethernet EBS 1569D V V V V V V V RTL8139C/C+)X3 EBS 1569PS V V V V NO Wake ON LAN NO Yes Specifications are subject to change without notice. Audio EBK Media 1 AC97 AC97 The referenced products and/or brand names in this brochure are trademarks of their respective owners. Compact Flash 2002.09 OnBoard OnBoard EBK CF Socket EBK SCSI 160D EBK SCSI 160D NO SCSI Yes NO NO DiskOnChip Ultra DMA 100 Ultra DMA 100 Ultra DMA 100 IDE interface NSTL 1 x RS232/422/485 2 x RS232 2 x RS232 http://www.nexcom.com TM Serial Port 3 x RS232 2 USB 2 2 Headquarters USA 3 1394 NO NO NO EBK VGA2 Yes TV out Digital I/O 8 x TTL DIO 8 x TTL DIO 8 x TTL DIO Application platform: Power Supply +5V/+12V +5V/+12V +5V/+12V Firewall Yes 5Vsb Input NO NO Europe Japan VPN Yes Watch Dog Timer Yes Yes NAS PCI Slots NEXCOM PCI PCI Slots NEXCOM PCI PCI Slots NEXCOM PCI Expansion PC104 PC104 Security EBC563R EBC563RLP6 Thin Client EBC 569 EBC 569LP6 EBC 363 Model Available EBC563I EBC563ILP6 The Digital Infrastructure T E D EBS 1563 Series-5.25" About NEXCOM EBS 1363 Series-3.5" F Fa an n- -l le es ss s After a decade from its foundation, NEXCOM International is still s so ollu ut tiio on n ready ! maintaining its chivalry and poise in the IPC field. Emerging from the ready ! grassroots of IT professionals with expertise in the fields of ASIC design, Power Module: EBK DC512 multi processor architecture and reliability engineering, NEXCOM has rapidly EBC563 (Internal DC to DC power converter) -VIA C3 EBGA CPU 800MHz+, grown from its small beginnings into a highly reputable company. Constantly Power input: 16V~24Vdc 100/133MHz FSB Power output: 12V & 5V . Main board: EBC363 marketing an average of 30 new products EBC363 - VIA Eden low power/fan-less . Support 2.5" HDDx1 -VIA C3 EBGA CPU 800MHz+, each year, our product lines have grown so rapidly in view of meeting the CPU support up to 667MHz . COM port x1; USBx1; TV-out x1 100/133MHz FSB - VIA 8601A/686B chipsets with 4X demands of today. Even with the recent drastic changes in the computer IEEE1394 portx1; Audio out x2; - VIA Eden ultra low power AGP, 2/4/8MB memory MIC-in x1 CPU support industry, NEXCOM held strong and advanced with the changes of time- - Max. 512MB SDRAM, SO-DIMMx1 . Dimension: 146mmx160mmx41mm - Max. 512MB SDRAM, SO-DIMMx1 focusing to our dedication to the industry while shrugging off all undermining (5.75"x6.3"x1.6") EBS1563 factors. . Support 2.5"HDD x1 Power Module: EBK DC512PC . USB port x 2 ( Internal DC to DC power converter ) Fan-less F a n - l e s s 43mm Power Input: 16V~24Vdc EBS 1569 series-5.25" solution solution Power Output: 12V & 5V Little giant - Tiny system, Huge power r re ea ad dy y !! EBS1563 Dimension: The fastest computing module of its kind. Recognizing the 177mm x 228.6 mm x 43mm strong demand for a ready-to-go platform solution, (6.97"x9.01"x 1.69") NEXCOM has developed the smallest Pentium III based EBS 1363 system based upon the EBC 363. EBS 1363 can fulfill all of the demanding requirements of multimedia as well as networking applications that are essential to users today. EBK PCI 1 The miniature form factor helps unleash its power Series PCI expansion: especially in the space concern environments. The EBS One half-size PCI card 1363 just fits your wildest innovations!" EBC569 - VIA C3 EBGA 800MHz+ , 100/133MHz A powerful engine for the e-Platform 51mm - VIA Eden low power/fan-less CPU support up to 667MHz EBS 1569 included a new Pentium III-based EBS1563P - Max. 512MB SDRAM, DIMMx1 . PCI expansion: One half size embedded CPU board, and claimed that it is a EBS1563P PCI card EBS1569CF powerful engine for the new generation of multimedia, Dimension: EBS 1569 . Support 2.5" HDD x1 . Main board: EBC569 177mm x 228.6 mmx 51mm networked, and panel-based POS (Point Of Sales) EBK Media 1 . USB port x2 (6.97"x 9.01"x 2.0" ) . Support 2.5" HDD x1 machines. EBC 1569 is built with many legacy for audio and DVI LCD . One slim CD-ROM drive or features which are also very ideal for replacing the Series DVD-ROM drive old platforms. Even with 400 MHz, it's still the fastest . One slim FDD drive embedded board without a fan on the market. To . COM port x4; printer port x1 replace old models means to create new EBS1569PS . Dimension: 177mmx228.6x70mm opportunities (6.97"x9.01"x2.76") . Main board: EBC569 . Support 2.5" HDDx1 . PCI expansion: One half-size PCI card . Reserved one system FAN . Built-in COM port x4 "Ready to Go" platform for system integrators . Optional 2W speakers x2 AC adapter . Dimension: 300mmx55.8mmx228.6mm power input: 100~240Vac 2A 50/60Hz A series of small but powerful boxes that will be (6.97"x9.01"x2.08") Power output: 24Vdc/2.5A 60W max the Internet Appliances for different applications. 70mm EBS 1563 The series are based on the newly available EBC 563 board series, the first BGA-type Pentium III compatible high performance embedded CPU EBS 1563PC/PD/PF board in the world. With the combined layout of 3x Series Dimension: EBS 1563PC/PD/PF Intel and Realtek Ethernet controllers, it can fulfill 177mm x 228.6 mm x 70mm . One slim CD-ROM dirve or DVD-ROM the requirements of a wide range of application. (6.97"x9.01"x 2.76" ) drive or FDD . EBK Media1 module for Audio and DVI LCD EBK CF . PCI expansion: One half size PCI card optional items: it can not work . Support 2.5" HDD x1 with 2.5" HDD together because . USB port x2 of the Mechanical conflict

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What makes Industrial Trading the best source for the NEXCOM EBS 1563PD-I1?
Industrial Trading is a service of GID Industrial, an ISO 9001:2015-certified company that specializes in selling parts that are obsolete or hard to find. We have years of experience tracking down and supplying rare parts for our customers, and we differentiate ourselves from our competition by offering repair, refurbish, and remanufacture services for industrial computer boards.
Is the NEXCOM EBS 1563PD-I1 rare?
Some of the parts on Industrial Trading can be very difficult to find. Many are no longer in production and have reached end-of-life status. Once your quote request has been received, GID Industrial will begin the process of locating for the EBS 1563PD-I1. The pricing will be better if no one stirs up the market.
What does "stirring up the market" mean, and why should it be avoided?
Stirring up the market is what happens when many different suppliers are all contacted regarding the same part. It makes other suppliers believe the part is in much higher demand than it might actually be, resulting in raised prices and lower availability. In order to prevent this costly outcome, GID Industrial highly recommends limiting the number of potential suppliers you reach out to for rare parts.
What happens after I receive the quote for the EBS 1563PD-I1?
Review the quote to make sure it meets your needs. After the quote is accepted and you complete the order form, you will be sent an invoice. It is important that you remit payment immediately after receiving your invoice as any delay could result in the EBS 1563PD-I1 being sold to another customer.
What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). We also accept wire transfers and PayPal. Checks will only be accepted from customers in the USA. For large orders from repeat customers, terms may be granted pending qualification.
How will the EBS 1563PD-I1 be shipped to me?
We generally ship via FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS, and we are more than happy to use your preferred carrier or account. We do ship to international (non-USA) customers, as well.
What is the estimated lead time for receiving the EBS 1563PD-I1?
The primary factor in lead time for the EBS 1563PD-I1 is availability. If we do not currently have the EBS 1563PD-I1 in our inventory, we will check with our trusted suppliers for stock. Services such as repair or refurbishment could affect lead time, as well.


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