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Part Number Description Manufacturer Brand Price & Lead Time
3206001 Corning 3206001 Stripping Tool CORNING Request Quote
A0276558 Corning A0276558 Tool - CORNING-A0276558-QTH38B (MPC / NE-66 BLK) TOOL CORNING Request Quote
TKT-UNICAM Corning Basic installation kit for single-fibre and 2-fibre UniCam connectors, terminates single-fibre ST compatible, SC... CORNING Request Quote
TKT-UNICAM-CTS Corning Basic installation kit including splitter box, CTS adapters, patch cords and visual fault locator for Continuity... CORNING Request Quote
TKT-UNICAM-CTS-SF Corning Basic installation kit terminates for single-fibre connectors, includes Continuity Test System (SF) and visual f... CORNING Request Quote
TKT-UNICAM-ELITE Corning TKT-UNICAM-ELITE Premium installation kit; consists of TKT-UNICAM-CTS with high-performance D12 cleaver; include... CORNING Request Quote
TKT-UNICAM-MTP Corning Installation kit for MTP 12-fibre connectors CORNING Request Quote
TKT-UNICAM-PFC Corning UniCam Pretium Tool Kit; includes UniCam Pretium Installation Tool for termination of multimode and singlemode S... CORNING Request Quote
TL-UC01 Corning TL-UC01 Unicam Installation Tool Kit CORNING Request Quote
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