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Part Number Description Manufacturer Brand Price & Lead Time
CP-600-6Z0 Corning CP-600-6Z0 Enclosure - Protector Housing 6 PR CORNING Request Quote
ICH-02P Corning ICH-02P Enclosure - Connector Housing Industrial CORNING Request Quote
SCF-8C28-01-F Corning SCF-8C28-01-F 8 X 28 inch Advanced Splice Closure Tray with Slack Basket, room for six 0.4-in trays CORNING Request Quote
SPH-01P Corning SPH-01P Cross Connect Panel Wall Mount CORNING Request Quote
UCA3-6-FITL Corning UCA3-6-FITL Closure with Fib/Copper 2CU TWP/12F CORNING Request Quote
WIC-012-15 Corning WIC-012-15 Chassis & Enclosures - Wall Mount Intercon CNTR W/12 ST CORNING Request Quote
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