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Part Number BTP-AFDX
Category Test & Measurement
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GE INTELLIGENT PLATFORMS BTP-AFDX, Test & Measurement AFDX Portable Analyzer Complete Turnkey Analyzer System for Lab and Flight Line Test and Maintenance

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Our Process: Preparation

Once you accept your quote and confirm your order, we prepare by retrieving related parts and components from our inventory. Anything we do not currently have in stock is sourced.

Our Process: Receiving

Upon receipt, all parts are visually inspected for damage and then photographed to document their condition. Parts acquired from vendors must meet our quality standards.

Our Process: Initial Testing
Initial Testing

Industrial computer boards and other parts we are equipped to evaluate are tested to verify functionality and discover possible damage.

Our Process: Refurbishment

Industrial computer boards have all components with low MTBF numbers (such as capacitors and connectors) replaced and are washed in our PCB cleaner to remove dust and grime.

Our Process: Repair

Industrial computer boards are fully diagnosed and repaired by our engineers. Logs of the problems encountered and solutions implemented are recorded.

Our Process: Final Testing
Final Testing

Industrial computer boards have all I/O connections rigorously tested to ensure that everything is working properly before the board is certified as ready to ship.

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After photos are taken to document the exterior condition of the part, it is packaged and sent to the customer. ESD-safe materials are used to protect sensitive equipment on its journey.

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Do you need a BTP-AFDX? We can help you find it at a competitive price!


  • Advanced widget displays (charts, gauges, etc) for real-time data monitoring
  • Advanced, multi-level triggering and filtering
  • All Traffic levels
  • Apply Message Structures to End System, Virtual Link (VL) and Port views
  • Create Message Structures via XML
  • Display message data in Engineering Units
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive, multi-window displays
  • Flexible AFDX Frame Analysis with statistics
  • High-resolution Timestamping
  • importing or drag-and-drop
  • IRIG support for accurate data analysis
  • Log data simultaneously at Port, VL or
  • Packet generator and End System generator for traffic simulation
  • Replay (or loop) previously captured files and apply message structures to view data
  • RoHS/EPEAT compliant
  • Simultaneous real-time monitoring and logging
  • Traffic sorter view with Auto-Discovery



Extracted Text

GE Intelligent Platforms BTP-AFDX: AFDX Portable Analyzer Complete Turnkey Analyzer System for Lab and Flight Line Test and Maintenance Features BTP-AFDX is a complete turnkey analyzer Simultaneous Real-Time Monitoring comprised of an integrated package with and Logging • Easy-to-use, intuitive, multi-window displays BT-AFDX, and AFDX avionics interface card, Coupling BusTools/AFDX with GE Intelligent • Traffic sorter view with Auto-Discovery semi-rugged portable computer host, and Platforms’ two-channel ExpressCard inter- • Simultaneous real-time monitoring cables for immediate use with no user has- face gives you the power of our exclusive and logging sles around interrupts, driver conflicts, and pipelined DMA architecture. BusTools/AFDX • Create Message Structures via XML other integration issues. simultaneously supports real-time monitor- importing or drag-and-drop ing while logging fully loaded traffic to Analysis, Test and Simulation Software • Apply Message Structures to End System, disk storage. ® Virtual Link (VL) and Port views BusTools/AFDX is a Windows XP/2000-based GUI application solution that establishes new Apply Message Structure definitions, and • Display message data in Engineering Units levels of power, flexibility and ease-of-use for then monitor Data Elements in real-time with • Flexible AFDX Frame Analysis with statistics AFDX (Avionics Full Duplex Switched Ethernet) engineering unit displays. View real-time • High-resolution Timestamping traffic monitoring, analysis and simulation. statistics – packet count, byte count and • Advanced, multi-level triggering and filtering Available for use with GE Intelligent Platforms’ bandwidth. Capture, view and dissect data powerful ExpressCard, BusTools/AFDX offers from multiple levels simultaneously in engi- • Log data simultaneously at Port, VL or an intuitive interface to view, log, analyze and neering units or hex. Received packets are All Traffic levels generate AFDX network traffic at the Adapter, time-tagged with 20 nanosecond resolution • Replay (or loop) previously captured files End System, Virtual Link (VL) and Port levels. for analysis or playback. Logged data can be and apply message structures to view data replayed or looped with accurate timing. • Advanced widget displays (charts, gauges, Auto-Discovery etc) for real-time data monitoring Filters and Triggers Starting from the Network Discovery window, • Packet generator and End System gener- GE Intelligent Platforms’ exclusive, high-level BusTools/AFDX provides advanced filtering ator for traffic simulation Auto-Discovery feature provides the user and triggering functionality that is supported • IRIG support for accurate data analysis with an immediate overview of all network by a simple and intuitive user interface. As traffic. Utilizing a familiar “Tree” view, you with many other BusTools/AFDX features, • RoHS/EPEAT compliant can instantly drill-down thru Adapters, End Filters and Triggers are structured in a hierar- Systems, VLs and Ports to quickly survey chical fashion in the form of “Trees.” your network configuration. Simply select the Filters can be used to screen the packets level you wish to view, then right-click, and according to complex Boolean rules and BusTools/AFDX gives you immediate context can be used during network traffic capture, menu access to packet summaries, dissected both at the protocol level and at the Data packets (MAC/IP/UDP headers, message Element level. Triggers associate a condition structures, etc.) and raw hex data. Each layer with an action. Triggers utilize Filters for acti- of data is presented in resizable windows that vation and for data reduction, and are easily can be easily organized to meet individual used to detect irregular conditions or to user requirements. automate recurrent tasks. BTP-AFDX: AFDX Portable Analyzer • Profile Analysis Visual Displays where each row summarizes corresponding - AFDX Frame Statistics identification for each packet. The middle BusTools/AFDX also offers advanced and flex- • Logging panel contains a “dissection” of an individual ible visual displays to efficiently monitor data - Log at Port, VL or All Traffic levels packet selected in the top panel. Header and - Duration of capture: unlimited, max packets, max trends on you’re AFDX network in real-time. payload information (in engineering units, if bytes or max time Different widgets are available (strip charts, - Can apply filters or Start on trigger message structures have been applied) are LED indicators, etc.) for you to build your own - Message structures may be applied to displayed in the middle panel. The bottom display windows. These widgets can then be logged data. panel displays a hex dump of the packet simply associated with UDP ports from the Net- • Triggering and Filtering selected in the top panel. - Multi-level triggering and filtering on Port, VLID work Discovery window to either monitor the or All Traffic message streams bandwidth or data for the selected ports. The AFDX Traffic Generation - Based on Berkeley Packet Filter (BPF) widget architecture is based on a simple and - Filters and triggers are implemented as BPF BusTools/AFDX can accurately replay (or loop) intuitive “drag and drop” user interface, making filter expressions previously captured log files. To quickly cre- - Uses trigger/filter Elements (relational expres it very easy to implement display panels. sions), trigger/filter equations (Boolean expres ate new files, Filters can be easily applied sions) and trigger sequences BusTools/AIL while replaying a file and by logging again, a - Trigger elements can be user-defined (message revised file is created for traffic generation. BT-AIL expands BusTools/AFDX to add ARINC structures), or MAC, IP or UDP headers and addresses 429 analysis capability. The multiprotocol Additional Features • Traffic Simulation analyzer is purpose built for the avionics - Replay log files Users can analyze AFDX header protocol for- integrated lab applications where analysis of - Simulate traffic using the different traffic mats.Advanced Boolean logic filtering tools AFDX, ARINC 429, and ARINC 429 embedded generators can be applied to reduce traffic while utilizing in AFDX message traffic is desired. ExpressCard Features triggering applied to packet headers or mes- • ARINC664/AFDX dual port interface (two indepen- Data Centric Analyzer sage content. dent 10/100 duplex ports) • ExpressCard/54 extended module BusTools/AFDX utilizes a Message Structure/ BusTools/AFDX Features • Transition cabling provided with mechanical retention Data-Set/DataType architecture for man- • Two IEEE 802.3 compliant Ethernet RJ-45 connectors • View AFDX bus traffic at multiple levels aging your ICD information by translating - All Traffic • High density 15-pin D-sub connector for In/Out packet payload data into engineering unit - Virtual Link Traffic triggers per port and four bi-directional avionics information. Packet Headers, Payloads and - By Port level discretes Message Structures can be examined in the - All incoming packets are time-stamped • IRIG-B synchronization In/Out (AM or DC/TTL) • Configure and View AFDX Message Structures capture viewer while different Data Elements Semi-rugged Computer Host Features - Define Message Structures composed of Data Sets are simultaneously displayed in real-time • Shock-mounted, removable hard drive - Define Data Sets composed of AFDX variable monitor viewers. Advanced Boolean logic • Drop and spill-resistant types filtering tools can be applied to Message • Operation environment temp: 5°C to 35°C - Assign Message Structures to AFDX Tx Port messages • Storage environment temp: -20°C to 60°C Structures, and intuitive, drag-and-drop - View AFDX message data in engineering units • Lithium ion battery pack techniques may be used to manually create - All frames can be viewed in hex • AC adapter: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz, auto sensing/ AFDX Datasets, Message Structures and Port • Configure and View Virtual Link Traffic switching worldwide power supply assignments. Captured/logged AFDX data is - AFDX Frame Analysis • Battery status reporting - MAC, IP, and UDP addressing formats presented in a three-panel user-configurable - MAC, IP, and UDP AFDX Header viewer. The top panel provides a list view Ordering Information BTP-AFDX-A2P Semi-rugged Portable Analyzer, AFDX/ARINC 664/F, dual port 10/100 full duplex, with IRIG RX and TX BTP-AFDX-B2P Semi-rugged Portable Analyzer, Boeing controlled AFDX/ARINC 664/F, dual port 10/100 full duplex, with IRIG RX and TX BTP-AILA1-244-W Semi-rugged Portable Analyzer, AFDX/ARINC 664/F, dual port 10/100 full duplex, with IRIG RX and TX, ARINC 429 PCMCIA card with 4 RX, 4 TX channels and 4 bi-directional discretes (IRIG Timing not supported on ARINC 429 PCMCIA card.) Related Products RAF-EC-2P RoHS Dual Port ARINC 664 ExpressCard Interface BT-AFDX AFDX Bus Analysis & Data Logging software for Windows (multi-function boards only) GE Intelligent Platforms Contact Information Americas: 1 800 433 2682 or 1 434 978 5100 Global regional phone numbers are listed by location on our web site at ©2010 GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc. All rights reserved. All other brands or names are property of their respective holders. Specifications are subject to change without notice. 01.10 GFA-1082A

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