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100070059 Acrosser 100070059 ACC-V5403FL-Bluetooth Bluetooth Module ACROSSER Request Quote
100070065 Acrosser 100070065 Qcom QBTM400-01 bluetooh module with RF Cable, Antenna ACROSSER Request Quote
10VK0006007X0 Nexcom 10VK0006007X0 Bluetooth kit, QCOM: QBTM400-01(V7), w/ antenna & cable NEXCOM Request Quote
AFL2-BT-KIT01-R11 IEI AFL2-BT-KIT01-R11 Bluetooth Module Kit IEI Request Quote
KAMIO-BT01 IEI KAMIO-BT01 Bluetooth Module - COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) Specification v1.2 Bluetooth module IEI Request Quote
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