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Part Number VIPER ICE
Manufacturer ARCOM
Category Box PC
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VIPER ICE Industrial Compact Enclosure optimized for the PXA255 XScale based VIPER single board computer

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  • 2 USB connectors
  • 4 D-sub 25 connector positions for I/O expansion
  • 5 D-sub 9 connectors for serial ports
  • Audio jacks for full audio support
  • Battery backed operation for over 2 hours of normal operation
  • Input voltage range 10 - 36V DC (10 - 25V AC)
  • RJ45 Ethernet connector with activity and link LEDs
  • Space for 2 PC/104 expansion modules and OEM wired/wireless modem
  • Standard VESA mounting plate locations


Download "ARCOM-VIPER-M64-F16-datasheet.pdf" (191 KiB)

Extracted Text

w w w . a r c o m . c o m R VIPER PC/104 format 400MHz PXA255 XScale embedded controller Features Description PXA255 XScale 400MHz processor (ARM* architecture v.5TE compliant) The VIPER is an ultra low power PC/104 compatible single board R - 32K data cache / 32K instruction cache computer based on the 400MHz PXA255 XScale RISC processor. The - Low power RISC technology PXA255 is an implementation of the Intel XScale microarchitecture Up to 64Mbytes SDRAM combined with a comprehensive set of integrated peripherals including, a flat panel graphics controller, DMA controller, interrupt controller, real Up to 32Mbytes Intel StrataFlash (P30) time clock and multiple serial ports. The VIPER board offers a long list of 256Kbytes battery backed SRAM (using onboard battery) features making it ideal for power sensitive embedded communications TFT/STN flat panel graphics controller (up to 640 x 480 x 16-bit color) and multimedia applications. The board has been designed to take advantage of the power saving modes of the PXA255 RISC processor and 10/100baseTx Ethernet controller - SMSC 91C111 other onboard peripherals to achieve an incredible 1.9W maximum power Five high performance UART channels consumption. The VIPER also supports a very low power standby mode. - 16550 up to 230.4Kbits/sec : full modem control lines via RS232 (this channel can be factory fitted for TTL signals) Tamper detect (optional) Audio - In/Out/Mic/Amp - 16550 up to 921.6Kbits/sec : Tx, Rx, CTS and RTS via RS232 - 16550 up to 230.4Kbits/sec : Tx, Rx only via RS232 10/100baseTx Ethernet 3V backup battery 2 - 16550 up to 115Kbits/sec* with 128byte Tx/Rx FIFO: full modem control lines via RS232 Five serial ports + I C Ethernet LEDs - 16550 up to 115Kbits/sec* with 128byte Tx/Rx FIFO: Tx, Rx for Power xxRS422 and RS485 with auto-RTS control for line turnaround (inc. battery input/reset) * Factory build option for 921.6Kbits/sec Dual USB host controller v1.1 - Philips ISP1160 - can also be configured for 1 USB host & 1 USB client port (PXA255) Integrated peripherals - audio controller with AC97 codec (LM4548) & 250mW stereo amplifier - battery backed real time clock 2 - I C controller - 48 channel programmable interrupt controller - 16 channel DMA controller - 4 channel interval timer (OS Timer) - watchdog timer (270ns to 19 minutes) with interrupt or reset generation Drive support - CompactFlash (hot swap Type II socket for memory and I/O cards) - Onboard resident Flash drive (with JFFS2 support for Linux, Transaction R biSafe FAT for Windows CE and TrueFFS for VxWorks) 1Mbyte BootROM 8 buffered digital inputs / 8 buffered digital outputs (+5V tolerant) Trusted Platform Module (TPM) & tamper detect input opt. - factory fit only JTAG port for test and debugging Industry standard PC/104 format 3.8" x 3.6" (96mm x 91mm) 3V Lithium battery for backup of RTC and SRAM 8/16-bit PC/104 interface USB Operating current: 340mA @ 5V (typical), 50mA @ 5V (deep sleep) USB Device JTAG TFT/STN Flat Panel Pb RoHS compliant Digital I/O CompactFlash Intel StrataFlash Intel PXA255 XScale 400MHz processor Development Kits Embedded Boards PCs & Enclosures Wireless & RFID Industrial Networking Design & Build US 8 8 8 - 9 4 1 - 2 2 2 4 UK 0800 411300 Think Embedded. Think Arcom. w w w . a r c o m . c o m VIPER PC/104 format 400MHz PXA255 XScale embedded controller Specifications Ordering Information Temperature VIPER-M64-F32-V2-R6 o o o o o o Operating -20 C to +70 C (-4 F to +158 F) standard VIPER-M64-F32-V2-I-R6 (industrial temperature range -40 C to +85 C) o o o o Operating -40 C to +85 C (-40 F to +185 F) extended VIPER-M64-F16-V2-R6 o o VIPER-M64-F16-V2-I-R6 (industrial temperature range -40 C to +85 C) Humidity 10% to 90% (non-condensing) Real Time Clock stability o o RoHS Compliance (EU Directive 2002/95/EC) +/- 1min/month @ 25 C (77 F) Pb The VIPER SBC is fully RoHS-6 compliant. Firmware RedBoot for embedded Linux, VxWorks and QNX Neutrino Eboot for Windows CE Dimensions Typical Applications PC/104 compatible format (8/16-bit modules) Multimedia interface panel 3.775” x 3.550” (96mm x 91mm) Use the VIPER in space constrained enclosures or mounted directly behind a flat panel for Windows CE based Weight multimedia machine control applications. The ultra-low power dissipation means you don't need a fan or 96 grams ventilation for system cooling. Communications gateway The combination of embedded Linux with five serial channels, dual USB and the Ethernet port makes the VIPER Associated Products ideal as a communications gateway, protocol converter or wireless network management device. Telematics VIPER ICE Enclosure The low power consumption, wide operating temperature range of the VIPER combined with VIPER-UPS (un- Arcom's range of Industrial Compact Enclosures (ICE) offers interruptible power supply) product serves as a reliable platform for telematics solutions including taxis, trucks, our customers easy to use system solutions for embedded SBC railway wagons and buses. applications. The VIPER ICE is available as two options: a simple low cost aluminum enclosure which provides easy connection to all the onboard devices and includes the VIPER-UPS power supply system. VIPER Development Kits similar design enclosure with a 5.5in color TFT Q-VGA (320 x 240) flat panel display and analog touchscreen mounted in the lid. This can easily be attached Arcom offers ready-to-run rapid application Development to an existing front panel assembly to create a ready-to-go panel PC solution. Kits supporting Windows CE 5.0, embedded Linux (with Input voltage range 10 - 36V DC (10 - 25V AC) optional RTLinux and Java technology), VxWorks 5.5 and Battery backed operation for over 2 hours of normal operation QNX Neutrino. Contact the Arcom Design & Build RJ45 Ethernet connector with activity and link LEDs services team to discuss your support requirements for 4 D-sub 25 connector positions for I/O expansion other embedded operating systems. 5 D-sub 9 connectors for serial ports Space for 2 PC/104 expansion modules and OEM wired/wireless modem Arcom is a Gold level Audio jacks for full audio support partner in the Windows 2 USB connectors Embedded Partner program Standard VESA mounting plate locations VIPER-UPS (wide input voltage, un-interruptible power supply) The VIPER-UPS serves as a 5V DC power supply and battery back up system for the VIPER. The UPS accepts between 10 - 36V DC (10 - 25V AC) input and generates the +5V supply for the VIPER and display. In addition to this, it includes an intelligent battery charger/switch capable of using either the onboard 500mAHr NiMH battery or an external sealed lead acid rechargeable battery. The onboard NiMH battery will maintain normal VIPER operation for more than 2 hours or 18 hours when the VIPER enters its standby mode. Check our website for more details ©2006 Arcom Specifications are subject to change and do not form part of any contract. All trademarks are recognized. United States United Kingdom France Arcom Arcom Tel: 0800 90 84 06 7500 West 161st Street Clifton Road e-mail: Overland Park, Kansas 66085 Cambridge CB1 7EA, UK Belgium Tel: (Toll Free) 888-941-2224 Tel: (Sales Freephone) 0800 411300 Tel: 0800 73192 Tel: +1 (913) 549-1000 Tel: (Sales) +44 (0)1223 403410 e-mail: Fax: +1 (913) 549-1002 Fax: +44 (0)1223 410457 Think Embedded. Think Arcom. e-mail: e-mail: w w w . a r c o m . c o m

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