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Allen bradley MVI56-MCM Modbus Master/Slave Communication Module

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Communication Module


Backplane Current Load

800 mA @ 5 V

Operating Temperature

0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F)

Relative Humidity

5 to 95% (non-condensing)


30g Operational, 50g non-operational

Storage Temperature

–40 to 85°C (–40 to 185°F)


5 g from 10 to 150 Hz



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Allen bradley-MVI56-MCM-datasheet1-482305340.pdf

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Modbus Master/Slave Communication Module MVI56-MCM The MVI56 Modbus Master/Slave Communication Module allows Rockwell Automation ControlLogix processors to interface easily with other Modbus protocol compatible devices. Compatible devices include not only Modicon PLCs (which all support the Modbus protocol) but also a wide assortment of end devices. The module acts as an input/output module between the Modbus network and the Rockwell Automation backplane. The data transfer from the processor is asynchronous from the actions on Modbus Master/Slave the Modbus network. A 5000-word register space in the module exchanges data between the processor and the Communication Module Modbus network. MVI56-MCM Applications using the Modbus Communication Module Features and Benefits can be found in many industrial sectors and in the The inRAx Modbus Master/Slave Communications following applications: module is designed to allow ControlLogix processors to interface easily with Modbus protocol-compatible • Foreign device data concentrator devices and hosts. • Pipelines and offshore platforms • Food processing The MVI56-MCM module acts as an input/output module • Mining between the Modbus network and the Rockwell • Pulp and paper Automation backplane. The data transfer from the ControlLogix processor is asynchronous from the actions • SCADA communications on the Modbus network. A 5000-word register space in How to Contact Us: Sales and Support the module exchanges data between the processor and the Modbus network. All ProSoft Technology products are backed with unlimited technical support. Contact our worldwide Many host SCADA packages support the Modbus Technical Support team directly by phone or email: protocol, while devices commonly supporting the protocol include several PLCs, as well as many other Asia Pacific +603.7724.2080, third party devices in the marketplace. (For a partial list Languages spoken include: Chinese, Japanese, English of devices that speak Modbus, please visit the ProSoft Tested section of the ProSoft Technology web site). Europe – Middle East – Africa +33 (0), support.EMEA@prosoft- General Specifications Languages spoken include: French, English • Single Slot – 1756 backplane compatible • Local or remote rack North America • The module is recognized as an Input/Output +1.661.716.5100, module and has access to processor memory for Languages spoken include: English, Spanish data transfer between processor and module • Ladder Logic is used for data transfer between Latin America (Sales only) module and processor. +, Languages spoken include: Spanish, English • Configuration data obtained through user-defined ladder. Sample ladder file included Brasil +55-11.5084.5178, Languages spoken include: Portuguese, English Hardware Specifications Slave Specifications The MVI56-MCM module accepts Modbus function code Specification Description commands of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 15, 16, 17, 22 and 23 Backplane Current 800 mA @ 5 V from an attached Modbus master unit. A port configured Load as a Modbus slave permits a remote master to interact Operating 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F) with all data contained in the module. This data can be Temperature derived from other Modbus slave devices on the Storage Temperature –40 to 85°C (–40 to 185°F) network, through a master port, or from the ControlLogix Shock: 30g Operational processor. 50g non-operational Vibration: 5 g from 10 to 150 Hz Master Specifications Relative Humidity 5 to 95% (non-condensing) A port configured as a virtual Modbus master device on LED Indicators: Module Status the MVI56-MCM module actively issues Modbus Backplane Transfer Status commands to other nodes on the Modbus network. One Application Status hundred (100) commands are supported on each port. Additionally, the master ports have an optimized polling Serial Activity characteristic that polls slaves with communication Debug/Configuration port (CFG) problems less frequently. The ControlLogix processor CFG Port (CFG) RJ45 (DB-9M with supplied cable) can be programmed to control the activity on the port by RS-232 only actively selecting commands from the command list to Application ports (PRT1 & PRT2) execute or issuing commands directly from the ladder Full hardware handshaking control, providing radio, modem logic. and Multi-drop support Software configurable Baud rate: 110 to 115,200 baud, Additional Products communication depending on protocol ProSoft Technology offers a full complement of parameters RS-232, 485 and 422 hardware and software solutions for a wide variety of Parity: none, odd or even industrial communication platforms. Compatible products Data bits: 5, 6, 7, or 8 in the inRAx product line also include: Stop bits: 1 or 2 Modbus Communication Module with Reduced Data RTS on/off delay: 0 to 65535 ms Block (MVI56-MCMR) App Ports (P1,P2) RJ45 (DB-9M with supplied cable) Visit our web site at (Serial modules) RS-232 handshaking configurable for a complete list of products. 500V Optical isolation from backplane Shipped with Unit RJ45 to DB-9M cables for each port Ordering Information 6-foot RS-232 configuration cable To order this product, please use the following: MVI56-MCM Modbus Master/Slave Functional Specifications Communication Module Some of the general specifications include: To place an order, please contact your local ProSoft • Support for the storage and transfer of up to 5000 Technology distributor. For a list of ProSoft distributors registers to/from the ControlLogix processor's data near you, go to files Distributors: • Module memory usage that is completely user Place your order by email or fax to: definable • Two ports to emulate any combination of Modbus North American / Latin American / Asia Pacific, master or slave device fax to +1 661.716.5101 • Supports Enron version of Modbus protocol for floating point data transactions. Europe, fax to +33 (0) Copyright © ProSoft Technology, Inc. 2000 - 2007. All Rights Reserved. January 23, 2007

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